Friday, 5 September 2014

More info on the Poetry finals...

Kiwi and Pukeko Team Poetry Recitation

The Kiwi and Pukeko Teams Poetry Recitation Finals will be held next Tuesday 
(9th September) in the school hall at 1.50pm.

Thank you parents and families for all the hard work that you and your children have put into learning their poems. All children practised in class, but the caliber of performance in classroom recitals would not have been possible without some real effort at home, too.

The Finals will be organised into three categories – Year 0s, Year 1s, and Year 2s.

Again, the judges will be using the following criteria to choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each of the three categories:

·      Recites the poem from memory
·      Addresses the audience confidently (stance, eye contact)
·      Articulation
·      Volume and pace
·      Use of expression and personal style

You are very welcome to join us, even if your child is not performing on the day. This is a celebration for both teams. If your child is performing, please remember to keep practising!

Kind regards,
The Kiwi and Pukeko Team Teachers


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