Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dress Rehearsal - Tuesday 28 October

Room 10
Production Dress Rehearsal

Dear Parents and family,

We have a very exciting time coming up in the next few weeks with our production and the athletics day just around the corner.
Tuesday the 28th October is our first in school dress rehearsal for the production. Please help your child to get all their rehearsal items ready to bring to school on Tuesday morning.
Here is what they have to bring:

1.     Black singlet
2.     Black shoes
3.     Hair in pony tail.
1.     White T-Shirt
2.     School blue trousers
3.     Covered dark shoes

Please be aware that I’m going to use gel for the boys’ hair to get a sleek look and I’ll be using bobby pins in the girls’ hair to make a bun.
The tour guides and little Dora should also bring their items to school on Tuesday.

It is advised to bring all clothing items in a named plastic bag, as many of the shirts will look the same.

Have a great long weekend and see you all on Tuesday morning!